Will the intake of codliver oil capsules lead to weight gain?

i am 16 years old. i am not exactly fat, but healthy. my diet is not an issue as i am a vegetarian and my mom insists on in taking only healthy food with less oil. i have poor immunity and everybody is suggesting me to take codliver oil capsules. will they lead to my gaining weight?

Answers :

Dr. Nallammai Subramanian | General & Family Physician
hi iam dr.nallammaiwelcome to hcmcodliver oil is rich in vit A which is v.good for health, it is good for eyes ,as well as it boosts ur immunity..for sure it wont increase ur weight, so dont worry..it is availabl in tab form also..u may take 1 each day

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Will the intake of codliver oil capsules lead to weight gain?

Dr. Nallammai Subramanian | General & Family Physician hi iam dr.nallammaiwelcome to hcmcodliver oil is rich in vit A which is v.good for health, it is good for eyes ,as well as it boosts ur immunity..for sure it wont increase ur weigh ... Weight & Lifestyle

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Dr. Anantharamakrishnan | Cardiologist Hi friend Welcome to Health Care Magic Do not use it. For weight reduction, there is no officially approved medicine without side effects. Weight is like bank account. The account grows when yo ... Weight & Lifestyle

Is nutrigain capsule helpful in gaining weight?

Dr. Polash Sannigrahi | General & Family Physician Hello dear,First of all, do not get influenced by any advertisement of Health supplements.It is not advisable to take any medication/supplements for weight gain, because:1. The medicat ... Weight & Lifestyle

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Dr. Krunal Modi | General & Family Physician Hello,Welcome to Healthcare Magic.It may be due to some stress or tension or may be due to some hormonal imbalance in body.Please consult your gynecologist for hormonal testing and also for ... Weight & Lifestyle

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