What are the causes & treatment for stomach pain with burping & farts?

Hi, Im a 22 year old male, I´m 5.67 feet high and my weight is 156.5 pounds. My problem is that something I ate before Monday evening produced some kind of irritation in my stomach or guts, my feces are completely normal, but since wednesday evening I´ve been burping over and over, the smell of it is fetid and disgusting, I have had no pain whatsoever, I have farted a lot also. Thank you very much for your response. David.

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What are the causes & treatment for stomach pain with burping & farts?

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Stomach pain, difficulty burping, loss of appetite. Mesh put in bladder. Causes and treatment?

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Chest pain while playing tennis, burping, blood test, BP, tested positive for H- Pilori, antibiotic treatment. Cause?

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Shaw | General & Family Physician now avoid tennis. do morning and evening walk. take 1 tab pan40 in the empty stomach and soln. sucrafil-o 10 ml before lunch and dinner for 10 days. ... Weight & Lifestyle

Have bloating, constipation. Did workout program. Stomach gurgles. Feel to burp. Am overweight. Pain in abdomen. Treatment?

Dr. Roopa Hiremath | Infectious Diseases Specialist Hi, Welcome to HCM.Your symptoms are typical of gastritis where there is bloating, flatus (gas) is passed out by burps and there is upper abdominal pain. I suggest you take Tab Pan ... Digestion and Bowels

Having vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, foul smelling burps. Treatment options?

Dr. Grzegorz Stanko | General Surgeon Hello! Thank you for the query. Usually in the abdominal X-ray intestines obstruction in the upper level (like duodenum or first parts of the small intestine) can not be visible. And his symptoms ... Digestion and Bowels

Bloating in stomach, burping, stomach pain. Treatment?

Dr. Veera Raghava Rao Buddha. | General & Family Physician Hi, vivanse is a centrlly acting drug used for ADHD etc. it is not usefull for gastrointestinal complaints. Continuous burping means there could be some ... Digestion and Bowels

Weird sounds from stomach, occasional burping, stool with black specs, stomach cramping, pain under rib cage. Cause?


What causes stomach pain and burping?

Dr. Hannalae Grace See | Pediatrician Hi! thank you choosing Healthcare magic!Im sorry to hear that about your child. Frequent burping can be caused by too much air in the digestive tract. This can happen when someone eats or drinks to ... Child Health

Stomach pain, abdominal pain, frequent bowels. Causes and treatment?

Dr. Sourav Ganguly | General & Family Physician Hello, Thank you for your query. Do you noted fever, headache, diarrhea? Do you have history of gastritis ? Without Endoscopy, stool exam and blood tests is hard to tell exactly about ... Digestion and Bowels

Continuous feeling of nausea, stomach tightness with pain with weight loss after treatment for stomach ulcers. Normal results for barium test, blood work. What is the cause?

Dr. R.A. Singh | Emergency Medicine Specialist Hi, Thanks for writing your query. After reading your post, it seems that your symptoms are due to gastritis and peptic ulcers. I would advise that you should take an antacid like Omeprazo ... Digestion and Bowels

Suggest treatment for frequent burps and stomach pain in 5 year old

Dr. T Shobha Deepak | General & Family Physician HiWelcome to Healthcare-MagicGreetings of the dayIts quite common for the children to burp, as they ingest air along with food and drinks.If its not associated with vomiting or regurgit ... Child Health

Have motion problem causing pain in anus and stomach. Treatment?

Dr. Manjula R | General & Family Physician hi, you might be having fissure in ano, which is causing pain, spasm, and constipation. you should see the surgeon for this. take stool softners, local analgesic/anaesthetic ointment for tempo ... Digestion and Bowels

Brown long strings in bowel movement, severe stomach pain, unable to burp, weight loss. Cause?

Dr. Klerida Shehu | Gastroenterologist Hi, To further evaluate your current health situation, I'd suggest to do an examination of feces for ova/parasites, candida and coproculture. You can do a blood work for eosinophiles levels. I ... Digestion and Bowels

Stomach pain, nausea on eating, severe leg pain. Causes and treatment?

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What causes stomach pain, burping and gas?

Dr. BR Hudda | General & Family Physician Hello ma'amI had gone through your question and I can understand your concernI see such patients in my clinic routinely and I will try to help you as well in best possible waylooking at yo ... Digestion and Bowels

What causes stomach pain and burps after eating?

Dr. Tayyab Malik | Gastroenterologist Thank you for posting your query.further evaluation needed.history of heartburn , stomach pain, nausea, vomiting.differential: GERD, gastritis, ulcer diseaseif age>50, visit a gastroenetrologist ... Digestion and Bowels

Suggest treatment for stomach ulcer causing pain

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Retching at the sight of food, drink, stomach pain on eating post treatment for leptospirosis. CT scan, blood tests, endoscopy normal, physiological cause ruled out. What could be the reason?

Dr. Akhtarhusian Ghausi | General & Family Physician HIThank for asking to HCMI really appreciate your concern, this could be a gastritis might be developed after the infection because of the medicine that she must have taken if I woul ... Digestion and Bowels

Suggest treatment for stomach pain and burping

Dr. Diptanshu Das | Pediatrician Thanks for posting your query at HealthCareMagic. Since you have mentioned, let me mention that your son has lactose intolerance and not milk allergy which are two different ailments. As of now, Lactase ... Child Health

Diarrhea, heart burn, stomach pain, rancid burps. Taking zoloft, zantac. Treatment?

hello nevamg i think your digestive system is not good you should take enzyme syrup thrice daily after meal with antacid like omeprazole or pantaprazole plus domperidone combination once daily. if you are getting loose motion with pain then you can ... Digestion and Bowels

What causes burps with a dull pain in the stomach?

Dr. Parth Goswami | Pathologist and Microbiologist Hi thanks for contacting HCM...According to history provided by you , you can have viral stomach flu ...So symptomatic treatment needed. ...Take omeprazole capsule on empty stomach b ... Digestion and Bowels

What causes stomach pain, diarrhea, sulphur smelling burps and abdominal bloating?

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Small child, teething, frequent burping and farting, stomach bloating. Cause of concern?

Dr. E Venkata Ramana | Pediatrician Hi Your child might be having some gastritis or early signs of gastroenteritis. Look for any vomitings or loose stools. You can give antacid syrups like gelucil or its equivalents to decrease bloatin ... Child Health

Stomach pain, vomiting, coughing, sore legs, knee pain. Causes and treatment?

Dr. Deepak Kishore Kaltari | General Surgeon NamastheWelcome to Healthcare-MagicGreetings of the dayIts quite common to have generalized myalgia and sore legs in viral infection, there is no cause of concern if there is no rash over t ... Child Health

Suggest treatment for stomach pain with continuous burping

... Digestion and Bowels

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