Can Montair LC Kid Syrup be continued even after subsiding of cough?

hi i am sandhya my son had frequently could so doctor prescribe a medicine name is Montair LC Kid Syrup only night for one month after use this medicine he had no cold at present . i start this medicine 2nd Dec to Jan till date i am asking u i continue this medicine or not? please give reply .

Answers :

Dr. Pradeep Kumar | Pediatrician, Cardiology
HelloIf there is repeated episode of cough and cold that is allergic in origin,Montair LC works well. It is usually given for long duration to prevent the repeated attack. It can be used safely for long duration as there is not any major side effect. So I would suggest to continue the medication under the supervision of your physician.Regards

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Can Montair LC Kid Syrup be continued even after subsiding of cough?

Dr. Pradeep Kumar | Pediatrician, Cardiology HelloIf there is repeated episode of cough and cold that is allergic in origin,Montair LC works well. It is usually given for long duration to prevent the repeated attack. It can be used sa ... Child Health

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Dr. Uma Rajah Ananth | Pediatrician, Neonatology Hi, This drug contains 2 medicines. One is for prevention of wheezing attacks( monteleukast )and the other an antihistamine(cetrizine) If after using it for nearly 1 year you find no imp ... Child Health

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Dr. Omprakash Ashokrao Deshmukh | Pediatrician Thanks for the query.It may be viral infection which may not need the antibiotics.Only examining doctor can tell about use of antibiotics in a given situation.For cold or runny nose you ca ... Child Health

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Dr. Munish Sood | Ayurveda Specialist **1. Montair [montekulast sodium] are inhibitors of leukotriene which are important mediators of bronchial asthma.2. Montair is indicated for prophylactic therapy of mild to moderate asthma but n ... Alternative Medicine

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Dr. Sumanth Amperayani | Pediatrician, Pulmonology Hai... Regarding your doubt...Levolin or avebrophylline don't contain steroids. But acebrophylline safety standards are not well established in younger age group. Levolin us safe ... Child Health

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Dr. Synthyia Bhagat | Pediatrician Hi Thanks for your query Relax,you can give medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Asthakind dx has cough suppressant,antiallergic and decongestant, For fever you can give acetaminophen in prescribed ... Child Health

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Dr. E Venkata Ramana | Pediatrician Hi,Thank you for your query on Healthcare Magic.Recurrent upper respiratory infections are common in children below the age of 6 years due to exposure to frequent infections and this frequency furthe ... Child Health

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... Child Health

Suggest treatment for continuous coughing in kids

Dr. Sumanth Amperayani | Pediatrician, Pulmonology Hi.....I too suggest that you go ahead with the medication suggested by the Dr in Delhi. He has prescribed the best medicines as of now available. I think you should follow the Delhi ... Child Health

Can montair LC kid syrup be administered to 1 year old child?

Dr. Sonila Borici | Pediatrician, Pulmonology Hi, Montair LC Kid syrup contains 2 drugs to control cough/allergic attack. It is not used for acute conditions as chest/throat infection. I'd suggest to discuss it again with her pedi ... Child Health

Is it safe to give montair syrup for cough in children?

Dr. Meghana Sultania | Pediatrician thanks for your question . does gour child wheez or has allerg...if yes then you may use montair...if its only dry cough then any dextromethorphan syrup will be the choice. ... Child Health

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Cold & cough, montair lc kid, stuffy nose

Dr. Rakhi Tayal | OBGYN Hello. Thanks for writing to us. Repeated cough and cold infections in children are mostly allergic in origin. In these cases prevention is always better than cure. To prevent recurrent colds, wash the hands ... Child Health

Suggest method of taking montair ic kid tablet for allergic dry cough

Dr. Taher Kagalwala | Pediatrician Both the medicines you have named prevent future attacks. They have no impact on curing his cold. For that, you have to use salbutamol inhaler 7-8 times a day.Read more on about how asthm ... Child Health

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