Should i be worried about headache in my child after a fall?

My 9 yr old daughter fell off the trampoline and hit the back of her head. She has a large goose egg complains of a headache but it has been three hours and she is going to bed. We iced it and gave her motrin. She watched a movie and is alert. Should I still be concerned?

Answers :

Dr. Eric Goldstein | Pediatrician
Hello. Thank you for your question. This is very common. As long as she didn't lose consciousness upon impact we don't have to be concerned. The next most important sign is vomiting within the first 24 hours. In the absence of vomiting, there is nothing to be worried about. There mat be headache and swelling for a few days. But she will be fine.

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Should i be worried about headache in my child after a fall?

Dr. Eric Goldstein | Pediatrician Hello. Thank you for your question. This is very common. As long as she didn't lose consciousness upon impact we don't have to be concerned. The next most important sign is vomiting within the ... Child Health

Could persistent headache after a fall in a child be a call for worry?

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Child continuous complaining of headaches, stomach pain. Feeling tired, face pale. Worried?

Dr. E Venkata Ramana | Pediatrician Hi, Thank you for your query, Your daughter needs evaluation as she is getting tiredness very easily in comparison to her age children. She needs to evaluate for anemia and her respiratory and cardio ... Child Health

What could headache in child due to falling down indicate?

Dr. Omprakash Ashokrao Deshmukh | Pediatrician Thanks for the query.If fall is from less than 2 feet, generally there is nothing to worry.No vomiting after fall, pupils are normal, behaviour normal indicates normal activity.It might be ... Child Health

Child. Knot on forehead, headache, on and off mild fever. Histroy of flat fall on face. Head injury?

Dr. Balaji Chinnasami | Pediatrician Hi dear, If there is open wound in the head due to injury, it could be inflammed or infected and result in fever. But serious problems like brain hemorrhage probably should not be the cau ... Child Health

Difficulty in waking up the child from sleep after a fall. Non-responsive episodes. Should I be worried about head injury?

Dr. Rakhi Tayal | OBGYN Hello. Thanks for writing to us. If there is persistent headache, vomiting, altered sensorium, pin point pupils then there is an internal head injury present. Still to be on a safer side, it is best to get his ... Child Health

Child with fever, headache, stuffed nose. Need to be worried?

Dr. Balaji Chinnasami | Pediatrician Hi, Most probably its a viral fever. Usually it takes a week for symptoms to resolve. Till then give paracetamol whenever fever. Children usually say headache when they have fever. As long as yo ... Child Health

2 year child, pupils dialated, runny nose of clear liquid from right side. Got hit, had a fall. Anything to worry?

Dr. E Venkata Ramana | Pediatrician Hi,Thank you for your query on Healthcare Magic.Watering from one nostril after head injury is a concerning symptom and sign.It may be suggestive of CSF fluid leak from the roof of nose cavity.I advi ... Child Health

Should i be worried about drowsiness in my child after a fall?

Dr. Sumanth Amperayani | Pediatrician, Pulmonology Hi...Thank you for consulting in Health Care magic. I understand your concern. First be reassured that your kid is normal. I will suggest you danger signs of head injury -1. Vomiting ... Child Health

Child's eyes socket and cheek red with big lump under chin after falling. Should I be worried?

Dr. Namala Bharadwaj | General & Family Physician hello dear thanks for your query at hcm.Red eye and lump seems to concerning symptoms after a fall for the child.My recommendation would be get child physically examined by doctor for f ... Child Health

Is it to be worried if the child has a dent in the head after a fall?

Dr. Svetlana Shrivastva | Pediatrician Hi, I had gone through your question and understand your concerns. You should be worried but not too much. Pay attention to his behaviour and complains. If he doesn't have nausea, vomitin ... Child Health

Small child, bluish tinge on bottom lip, headache, stomach pain. Cause of worry?

Dr. Aarti Gupta | Pediatrician, Neonatology thanku for your query, well it seems that bluish tinge to the bottom of lip is due to pressing of her lips , which decreases the blood supply causing bruising of lips, nothing to worry about ... Child Health

Child complaining of headache and feeling sleepy after falling and hitting head

Dr. Y V Siva Sankara Murty | Pediatrician Hi,Thanks for writing to health care magic.I can understand your concern.In a child with head injury it is important to take the child immediately to doctor in case of 1.   &nbs ... Child Health

Child has bump on forehead. No headache or nausea. Taken Tylenol. Should I worry?

Dr. Emmette Clark | Pediatrician It is unlikely that a wasp or spider would have stung her without her knowing it so I would not worry about that. More likely some flying insect (mosquito, gnat, etc) bit her and the bump and subsequent ... Child Health

Child complaining of severe headaches, low platelet count, viral fever. Taking klacid. Worried?

Dr. Rajiv K Khandelwal | Pediatrician Hi, Thank you for your query. I understand your concern but you have not provided the complete details of the investigations like the total and differential counts. Platelet count of 645... is in ... Child Health

Child having a bruised lump in the chest after a fall. Worried

Dr. E Venkata Ramana | Pediatrician Hi, Thank you for your query on Healthcare Magic. Your child might have developed a hematoma and bruising secondary to the injury. For pain you can give Motrin in prescribed dosage. The lump is d ... Child Health

Child had head injury. Soreness, headache. Should I be worried?

Dr. Samik Basu | Pediatrician Give him some Paracetamol for pain and headache.Look out for some local cuts or bruises in that area.Treat them first.If the problem still persists you need to go to the ER for further checkup.I hope he wi ... Child Health

7 year old having headache vomiting after a fall. Cleaned up the wound with peroxide. Should be worried?

hiii your son had fall but the basic question that is whether there was any injury on the head or there was any contusion or any pressure while fall on the head if it was so then these are all allarming sign then i would advise for a ct scan to see ... Child Health

Small child, forehead injury due to fall, large swelling spreading to nose. Cause of worry?

Dr. R.A. Singh | Emergency Medicine Specialist Hi, Thanks for writing your query. Swelling is common in head injury due to soft tissue injury of the scalp area. If your child is active with no abnormal behaviour, you should not worry ... Child Health

Is there any thing to worry about the headache soon after falling down?

Dr. Sumanth Amperayani | Pediatrician, Pulmonology Hi.... Many thanks for consulting with HCM. You should worry about headache only if there is unconsciousness or vomiting continuously or nose or far bleeds or seizures. Don't wor ... Child Health

Should I worry about child falling on the floor without bruise or redness?

Dr. Sanmati Thole | Pediatrician You should Not worry at all ,because Fall in head is very common in infancy because the injuries recovered as of like ping pong Ball hence if baby is consious and not vomiting she donot have any head in ... Child Health

Child has headache. Had flu and ear infection. Took antibiotics. Should I worry?

Dr. Ramesh M.Vachharajani | General & Family Physician Hi, Welcome to HCM, It seems that problem of having headache might be due to chronic upper respiratory tract infection including sinusitis. Another possibility is of having some re ... Child Health

Child fell down, got hurt in neck. Now neck is hurting, fever, headache. Caused due to the fall?

Dr. Imraan Hussain | Pediatrician Hi thanks for your query at HCM She should be examined in emergency department . and get her Xray neck done take it seriously. Give her pain killers and antibiotics in case of infection after consulti ... Child Health

Should I be worried about child's cheek redness and vomiting after fall?

Dr. Ravi Teja Reddy | Pediatrician vomitting ,loss of conciousness,ear nose bleed are danger signs after fall look up for these and observe for 24-48 hrs as it is critical period for head injury.she must be k ... Child Health

Should I be worried about child's black bruise after fall?

Dr. Murali Gopal | Pediatrician, Pulmonology This is normal healing process. Do not let your child to pick the scab as this can lead to infection and delay healing. If you think it is infected you can apply some anti bacterial cream l ... Child Health

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